Account Grouping

You can use the Account Grouping feature to categorize accounts on the Home page—both internal accounts within the FI and external accounts that are aggregated via PFM. If using a mouse, click an account card, hold the mouse button, drag the card to a new location, and release the mouse button. On a mobile device, tap a card, drag it to a new location, and lift your finger to drop it in that location.

Account Grouping – Home page

To create a new account group, click or tap an account card and drag it to the New Group icon () that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen while a card is being moved.

When the card is "dropped" on the New Group icon, the following field appears. Enter a name for the new group and click the check mark button to save the changes.

You can easily rename a group by clicking the pencil icon () to the right of the title, editing the name, and clicking the check mark button to save the changes.