Searching transactions

You can search transactions that pertain to a single account on the Account Details page. Transactions in Account Details may have originated in online banking or mobile banking, or they may be other transactions such as debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, or transactions performed at a branch.

When searching in Account Details, the search option will search the transaction's description. Therefore, any term that appears in the transaction (such as "Check #2389") can be searched for on the Account Details page. The Activity Center, on the other hand, only contains transactions that were originated in online and mobile banking.

Note:  You can use the search box or the search filters separately, but you can't combine search and filtered results.

Searching on the Account Details page

To search on the Account Details page

  1. Click or tap an account. The Account Details page appears.
  2. In the Search transactions field, enter keywords related to the date, status, type, account, or amount of the transaction(s) for which you are looking.
  3. Click or tap the magnifying glass or press Enter. The search results appear.