Contextual Personal Financial Management (CPFM)

Welcome to the Contextual Personal Financial Management (CPFM) online help for online and mobile banking. We give you the same account management experience on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can perform the same tasks on your chosen device, and you do not need to learn a new way to work on each platform.

The CPFM online help is here to help you get the most from the CPFM feature in online and mobile banking. It is intended for all users with access to the feature. Use the table of contents or the built-in search field to help you find content. You can also search for topics by entering keywords in quotations in the search field. For example, search for details on the budget widget by entering "the budget widget" in the search field.

If offered by our financial institution, CPFM allows you to budget and manage your finances by aggregating all of your accounts across multiple financial institutions so you can see balances and transactions all in one place, on any device. It includes key elements of traditional CPFM tools that you can leverage to analyze account usage. With CPFM, you no longer need to leave the safety and familiarity of your online banking system to monitor all of your accounts.

Note:  These features may or may not be accessible, depending on your financial institution's configuration.