Using text banking

To use text banking, you send a text message to 226563 (BANKME) with a command. When the action is complete, the text message reply includes the information or the results of the action.

Caution:  When you send or receive a text banking message, normal text message and data rates apply.

The commands will vary according to your settings. Commands may include:

Text banking commands
Command Result

Displays the current account balance for all enabled accounts.

BAL <account nickname> Displays the current account balance for the account that you specify.
HIST <account nickname> Displays the recent history for the account that you specify.
XFER <from account nickname> <to account nickname>
Transfers the amount that you specify from one account to another.
LIST Displays a list of all available text banking commands.
HELP Displays a list of contact points for information about text banking. This may include the website address, phone number, or other information.

Disables text banking. You can also use the settings in online and mobile banking to enable and disable text banking.

Note:  Account nicknames are set up on the Account preferences page. See Configuring account preferences for more information.